A Visual Branding Case Study: Village Birth

Located in Los Angeles, Village Birth is a doula company that offers childbirth education classes and has a registry of birth and postpartum doulas who they match to expectant couples. 

Their owner, Alyson, came to us to lay a visual foundation for their business as they prepared to relaunch with a new name. As the business had evolved over time, so had the company’s mission, and as such, they wanted to update their visual branding and put their best foot forward to attract and retain their ideal clients. 

Village Birth Mission Statement

There is no “right” way to give birth, there is only your way. We want to empower new and growing families as they transition into parenthood through a supportive and inclusive community. Village Birth Services offers a guiding hand in the journey from pregnancy to parenthood through education, community and support. It takes a village. Build yours. Start Here.


  • Set Village Birth apart in an old-fashioned market

  • Set a tone of professionalism and trustworthiness

  • Utilize industry norms in a new and unexpected way

  • Select a soothing color palette 

  • Develop a universally appealing visual identity, avoid perpetuating existing doula stereotypes

The first step that I took to kick off this project was a deep dive into the doula industry – I wanted a better understanding of the history that had shaped some visual trends and consistencies that I was seeing during the research phase. Doulas have a saying that they use their “hands and hearts” to serve women during birth, but this saying produced two common logo trends: logos that incorporated hands and hearts wrapping around babies/pregnant bodies, and extremely earthy logo concepts. 

It was a priority of mine to help Village Birth position their business as something that could serve all women during their pregnancy and postpartum journey, not a select few, and not only “nature-minded” mothers. 

The final product is a modern interpretation of the hands and hearts serving women paired with a subtle nod to the village that Village Birth provides. We selected a color palette that is soothing, flexible, and will be able to grow and expand with the company in the future. 

Testimonial: Olivia just "got it" when coming up with a logo and design for my business. She knew what I was going for when I was giving her a dozen of different ideas - she expertly created something clean and modern, yet warm and inviting. Loved the process of working with her - what a lovely and talented human! - Alyson Carroll

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